Sunday Night pop-up Trivia

A pop-up Sunday Night Trivia question, brought to you by Higbea Embroidery.

The winner will receive a Tinora Rams Live T-Shirt-size XL.
All correct answers will be thrown in a bin and a winner selected Monday morning.
Answers are accepted up to 11:59 pm Sunday Night, 12/19/21

Please leave an answer at the bottom of the page under LEAVE A REPLY.
Best of luck.

QUESTION: A two answer question:
What two coaches hold the all-time WINNING % in BOTH Tinora girls and boys basketball? (More than 1 game)

Tinora Booster Tickets:

The Tinora Athletic Boosters is having a raffle ongoing. (See below)
Please reach out to a Tinora Athletic booster member, any of the below can assist:
Brad Wilkerson, Julie Wilkerson, Jason Lieb, Crystal Slattman, Chris Line, Barb Wiechers, Keith Brown, Wes or Vicki Zwiebel or Brian Schaffner.
We will be selling at home sporting events as well.

Or just shoot us a message on:

T-Shirt courtesy of Higbea Embroidery. Please visit Connie and the crew below:

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