NELL Little League tour

Over the past month, I have been doing some research and documentation on the (NELL) Northeastern Little League baseball teams and the original locations from the early 80s. All my video and pictures will be below, please have a look at the old venues.

I love old movie locations, venues and such, which led to this small project.

When the little league season gets close each year, I always try to tell parents to get the kids out and play. I have lots of great memories from this time, and have held friendships with some of these gentleman that coached us and a lot of the players who played on the below fields.

Many great Little League players and coaches during this era, players, my brother Paul, Tony Fairchild, Doug Rittenhouse, Jim Gares, Greg Fronk, Craig Crigger, Brady Wallace, John & Ron Williamson, John Brownlee Jr, Matt & Brian Stark, Doug & Todd McBride, Terry & Gregg Replogle, Ray Sauber, Chris Schlegel, Pat Osborn, Jim Harris, Jon Grant, Dave Malone, Jeff Yoder, and too many more to name, hopefully these pics and short videos bring back some memories from all who played in the early 1980s NELL Little League program.

Coaches JD Grim, Lou Stark, John Malone, John Brownlee, Ned Fedderke, Thurm Ratliff, and so many more.

So many great memories of parents as well, the unsung heroes in all this, who always brought and still bring all the kids to practice and games.

Bonus pics and video of the old High School field at Tinora High School below as well.

NRA – Home to 3 fields Pics and short videos of all three fields below.
Wayne Glore Trucking – field 1
V.F.W. – field 2
Tinora High School baseball – field 3

NRA Glore Trucking Field video
NRA VFW Field video
1970’s Tinora HS field video
NRA complex from Google

Tiffin School – Home to two teams
Tiffin Tigers (yellow)
Tiffin Royals (blue)

Tiffin field today

Tiffin field from Google

Noble School – Home to one team
Noble – Werlor

Noble LL baseball field – Werlor team video

Noble Werlor field view from Google

Tinora High School – Home to one team
Tinora Rams Little League – one field
Tinora Rams High School baseball – 3 fields 1980’s, 1990’s, and current

Tinora Rams LL field old location video
1980’s location video
1990’s location video
Current pre turf location 7/29
From Paul Brown
From Paul Brown
From Paul Brown