About Me

Keith Brown – T.R.S. Broadcaster

2017 – Current





Graduated from Tinora High School in 1987.

A lifetime Cleveland Sports fan.  I have seen and lived each heartache from The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot, The Move, The Decision, the Indians meltdown in 1997 & 2016, and so more much more. It was finally highlighted by the Cavs championship in 2016.

I have seen over 40 years of Tinora Rams sports, athletes, coaches, facilities, and much much more.


**In 2017 I started a website dedicated to Tinora Rams athletics, updating scores, schedules, & rosters. After realizing I attended most events, I decided hey, what the heck, I may as well tell the story for the ppl that are unable to attend these events. Everyone from parents, grandparents & friends can now listen to most events. ppl from all over the country from Arizona, to Florida, to New York have tuned in.  A parent was overseas and was able to tune is as well several times.

**Married with 2 kids, currently residing in Defiance, Ohio. 

**My regular job:  Shipping Tech @ Mayville Engineering Company (Former Defiance Metal Products) (1988 – current)

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