2022 Fall schedule preview

With the first day of summer upon us, it’s never to early to preview the upcoming fall sports schedules.

A preview of the 2022 Rams schedules
NOTE: All schedules are not final, subject to change prior to season start.

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2021-’22, That’s a wrap for this season

From week one way back on August 20 as the Rams kicked off the 2021 football season vs the Liberty Center Tigers, up to the final out in the Rams District Final game vs Ottawa Hills on May 28, we were able to bring you 96 Live events this school year.

I can’t express enough thanks to all the area athletic directors for all their assistance, everyone from Coach Buti at Defiance, to Tyler Arend at Paulding, to our own Coach Rutter, thank you all.

I also owe a big thank you to the below behind-the-scenes people: There is a lot of work that goes unnoticed to be able to broadcast each event.

**Logan Bailey who assisted with football, early-season basketball, and road baseball games.  Logan also did PA at the Rams home baseball games.
Great work, thank you, Logan. Many great times again this season.
Give Logan a follow on his growing social media sites. https://www.facebook.com/NWOSports

**Nancy Bannister, Nancy assisted behind the camera again this season for a few basketball games.

**Lady Rams softball coach Tony Fairchild for assisting with color commentary on football this season.

**Dr AJ Fairchild for assisting in the 2021-’22 seasons. Everything from football commentary, football graphics, basketball & softball commentary, Dr AJ covered all the bases this season. Thank you AJ!!
Give AJ a follow as well on his business page. https://www.facebook.com/FairchildFamilyChiro

**Michael Hirn for voicing our commercials, nothing but the best, thank you!
I also had the pleasure of working a baseball game with Mike this season, hope to have many more in the future! https://www.facebook.com/MichaelHirnPBP

Of course, none of this was possible without the below sponsors. Every single one of these individuals below made it possible to bring all 90+ live events back to you. I’ve said it over & over, please thank each of these businesses.

Not a single school in the area that I am aware of had over 90 live varsity events for their community, these great people below made sure Rams fans were taken care of again this year.

Our sponsor list is below:

🚧 Sines Excavating – Pre-game (Josh & Brad Sines)

🚗 Batt & Stevens – video coverage (Jeff Batt)

🍕 The Drop Zone Pizzeria – In game scoreboard (Liz & Harold Scott)

👕 Higbea Embroidery – Player of the game award (Connie Higbea)

💲 Bidlack Insurance & Financial Services – Post-game (Tim Bidlack)

🍔 Fired Stone Tavern (Chef Aaron Weible)

🏀 BSN Sports – (Jim Gares, local rep.)

📉 Weber Bookkeeping Solutions (Jenny Weber)

📝 Maumee Valley Title Agency (Savanna Weber)

⚖️ Weaner, Hill, Yoder, and Weber Law firm (Ian Weber & crew)

🥇 Tinora Rams Athletic Boosters (Barb, Jason, Chris, Vicki & Wes, Brian, AJ, Sara, & Crystal)

💄 Cut & Polished Hair & Nail Salon (Jenny Bidlack)

💱 Wooden Indian Pawn (Char Williams)

🦌 Burkholder Taxidermy (Julie & Josh Burkholder)

🍗 Okolona Tavern (Julie & Brad Wilkerson)

🍕 Clubhouse Pizza – Ney (Rachel & Jason Gillium)

If you are interested in a 2022-’23 sponsorship, please drop us a line: tinorasportslive@tinoraramssportsaudio

With all that being said, we will see everyone back live on August 19, 2022, from Liberty Center as the Rams will take on the Tigers in the season opener in football.

Again, thanks for all the support in this 2021-‘22 High School sports season.

-Keith and the crew of Logan, AJ, Tony, & Nancy.

Our sponsors:

Higbea Embroidery Player of the Game Award:

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Website: https://tinorarams.com/
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Thanks for your support.

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In closing, the ’21-’22 Rams sports seasons

The 2021-22 school and sports season has come to an end. We would like to thank the 2022 class of senior student-athlete graduates for all they have done during their athletic careers for the Tinora Rams.

Each of you played with pride, heart, and brought a lifetime of memories to everyone.

Individually, each of you made coaches, parents, and the Ram community very proud during your 4 years at Tinora as a Ram.

The 2021-’22 sports season was one of the best in recent memories, many records fell as well as many GMC championships were won by the Rams, those are listed below.

In the weeks ahead for the graduates, all sorts of emotions such as the relief of “Finally, I’m out of school, forever” to the sad realizations of “Wow, I will never be around all my friends, classmates, teammates, coaches, and teachers ever again.”

All those tiny conversations between classes in the halls, at lockers, and on the way to the field/gym have all ended.

As the months and years pass, each memory will remain strong, while some, or more than likely most, wishing for just one last practice, one last game, that great feeling of Friday Night under the lights, one last bus ride home after a huge win, one last cheer from family & friends, one last hug after a tough loss from mom, grandma, or dad.

Down the road, you will wish for just 5 more minutes with your classmates, teammates & coaches.

As for everyone still in school, please enjoy every single moment, take nothing for granted. One day, everything will be gone, and your adult life will start before you know it.

Below we will acknowledge senior athletes as well as recap and highlight each sport.
(If I missed anyone or any accomplishment, I truly apologize.)
Please let me know and I can add it.


*Seniors: Sammy Sinn
*All GMC 2nd team – Ryle Joost
*All GMC Honorable Mention: Aiden Rittenhouse, BJ Morlock, & Carter Bernal.

👟Cross Country
*Seniors: Lydia Evinger, Heidy Monnin, & Bryson Bigley
Finished 2nd in girls & boys @ the GMC’s
GMC Girls Champion – Lauren Sattler
GMC Boys Champion – Jaxen Durfey
Three runners went to OHSAA State, Lauren Sattler was representing the Lady Rams, while Paul Westrick, and Jaxen Durfey representing the boys team.
All three runners were named All-Ohio as well.
GMC Girls Champion – Lauren Sattler
GMC Boys Champion – Jaxen Durfey

*All GMC 1st team: Julia Durfey, Lauren Sattler, Addison Lee, Jaxon Durfey, & Paul Westrick
***GMC Second team: Kenzie Hancock
***GMC Honorable Mention: Shea McMaaster & Brysen Bigley

*Seniors: Hannah Gershultz, Taylor Crigger, Austin Blair, Devin Singer, & Trevor Luellen
Thank you all!

🏐Volleyball 21-5 (7-0 GMC)
*2022 GMC Champions, 2022 District Champions, 2022 Sectional Champions.
*The Lady Rams made it to the Sweet 16, Regional Semifinal, losing to Margaretta.
*Seniors: Makenna Reetz, Macey Schlosser, Kjerstin Scott, Emma Chafins, Brooklyn Reineke, & Quinn Horn.

*GMC Player of the Year – Quinn Horn – Heading to Muskingum College – Volleyball
*GMC Specialist of the Year – Brooklyn Reineke
**All-GMC members: 1st team: Quinn Horn, Brooklyn Reineke, & Makenna Reetz
**All GMC 2nd team – Emma Chaffins
***All GMC Honorable Mention: Kaylee Dickinson
*TV26 Volleyball Player of the Year – Brooklyn Reineke
And who can forget the comeback win vs Fairview? WOW

🏈Football 10-2 (7-0 GMC)
Lost to Carey in 2nd round of OHSAA Playoffs
*2022 GMC Champions
*Seniors: Hayden Becker; Nolan Schafer, KP Delarber, Cole Commisso, Tyler Hespe, Dylan Camp, Jashua Bland, Casen Wolfrum, Eric Bohn, Baeden Hancock, Bryce Bailey

*GMC Offensive Player of the Year – KP Delarber.
*GMC Defensive Player of the Year – Baeden Hancock.
*All-GMC 1st team: Bryce Bailey (O & D) , Eric Bohn, Cole Commisso (O & D), Baeden Hancock (O & D), KP Delarber, Christian Commisso, Dylan Camp, Javen Gaines, Grady Gustwiller.
**All 2nd team GMC: Tyler Hespe, Brandon Edwards, Joey Guisinger, Gavin Eckert
***GMC Honorable Mention: Cole Anders & Nolan Schafer

Selected to the All District Northwest team:
Co-Coaches of the Year: David Dominique of Archbold and Kenny Krouse of Tinora
First team offense
Running back K.P. Delarber and offensive lineman Eric Bohn

First team defense
Defensive lineman Baeden Hancock & Javen Gaines.
Defensive back Cole Commisso.
Second team: Offensive Lineman Tyler Hespe, kicker Dylan Camp, & linebacker Grady Gustwiller.
Honorable Mention: Christian Commisso – Bryce Bailey.

ALL-Ohio Team: Senior defensive lineman Baeden Hancock.
Honorable Mention All Ohio: KP Delarber, Javen Gaines. Gaines, Cole Commisso, Eric Bohn.

Thanks to coach H for everything, finally hanging up the headset.

📣Football cheerleaders:
*Seniors: Emily Meyer, Lily Burkholder, Regan Ankeny, Megan Hancock, Gaby Westhoven, & Ariana Hinojosa
Thank you!!

🥁🎷🎺Band Members:
*Seniors: Gavin Askins, Brysen Bigley, & Devin Singer

Seniors: Ellie Rose, Lilly Burkholder, Emily Meyer, & Megan Hancock

🏀Boys basketball: 5-16 – (1-6 GMC)
*Seniors: Lance Rinkel, Keegan Miles, Nolan Schafer, Eric Bohn, & Tyler Wiemken
**GMC second team: Luke Harris
***GMC Honorable mention: Nolan Schafer
Coach Lymanstall has the boys headed in the right direction.

🏀Lady Rams girls basketball 14-9 – (5-2 GMC)
*Seniors: Amanda Meyer
**GMC second team: Anna Gray,
***GMC honorable Mention: Karli Okuley
Nova Okuley & Anna Gray were named to the All NW Ohio DIV III girls team.
Who can forget the comeback win vs Fairview? What a 2nd half by Amanda!
Thank you, coach Tietje for everything you gave the program.

*Thanks to seniors: Heidy Monnin, Vince Monnin, Bernie Friedricksen, Hunter Grunden, & Stone Eis.
*GMC Champions – Another great season by Coach Siewert and the staff.
113# champ Vince Monnin, 126# Devon Luellen, 150# Aiden Helmke, 157# Dalton Wolfrum, 285# Javin Gaines
Rams were 2nd at Sectionals, 132- Anden Ankney Champion, 150- Aiden Helmke Champion, 157- Dalton Wolfrum Champion

*District qualifiers:
Devon Luellen, Anden Ankney, Dominic Graziani, Hunter Grunden, Aiden Helmke, Dalton Wolfrum, Gavin Bowers, Cameron Urivez, Javen Gaines

*OHSAA State wrestlers:
Makenna Helmke with an 8th place at the State OHSWCA wrestling meet.
Aiden Helmke 2nd (2nd freshman ever from Tinora to qualify for state)
Dalton Wolfrum & Javen Gaines

Seniors: Ariana Hinojosa & Regan Ankney

Lauren Melia – 2022 District Champ, 2nd at the OHSAA DIV II Diving competitions.
Melia also finishes with four straight trips to the State competition. As a Junior last season, she finished fourth in the State.
As a sophomore, Lauren finished sixth at State, as a freshman, Melia was seventh.
Lauren will be heading to Miami University (OH)
Great job, Lauren, you made all of us very proud.

🥎Softball: 19-5 (7-0 GMC)
*2022 GMC Champions, Sectional Champs, District Champs.
*Lost in the Sweet 16 Regional OHSAA Semi-Finals to Cardington-Lincoln
*Seniors: Quinn Horn
*A great season by 1st-year coach Tony Fairchild and the Lady Rams. A very bright future awaits.

***GMC Player of the Year – Scylea Zolman
*All GMC 1st Team: Scylea Zolman & Quinn Horn
**All GMC 2nd Team: De’Vona Holmes
****Honorable Mention GMC: Logan McQuillin

⚾️Baseball: 21-6 (6-1)
*2022 GMC Champions – 5th straight, Sectional Champs
*Lost in District Finals to Ottawa Hills
*Seniors: Jayden Bergman, Bryce Bailey, Cole Commisso, KP Delarber, Nolan Schafer, Tristan Birks, Casen Wolfrum, Keegan Miles, & Tyler Wiemken.

*All GMC 1st team. Nolan Schafer, Casen Wolfum, & Cole Commisso,
**All GMC 2nd team: Jayden Bergman
***GMC Honorable Mention: Kadyn Radzik
DIV III 1st team All Ohio – Cole Commisso – Heading to U of Findlay – Baseball
*A great season full of many memories, thank you, boys.

👟Track & Field
Seniors: Regan Ankney, Ashley Beck, Lexis Booher, Emma Chafins, Andrea Kelley, Amanda Meyer, Brooklyn Rieneke, Kjerstin Scott, Brysen Bigley, Paul Colon, Tyler Hespe, Vince Monnin, Lance Rinkel.
*A very successful season for the track teams at Tinora, a great job by coaches and athletes.
* Rams boys GMC Champions, girls runner-up
GMC individual Champions below:
High Jump Owen Ackerman 6-2
3200 Relay Tinora 8:44.46
Tinora boys relay team of Lance Rinkel, Gavin Eckert, Dustin Haas, and Brandon Edwards broke the 4×2 800 relay record.
1600 M Jaxen Durfey 4:42.01
400 M Dustin Haas 52.87
800 M Jaxen Durfey 2:06.96
3200 M Paul Westrick 10:47.77
1600 Relay Tinora 3:34.57
Shot Put Brooklyn Rieneke 36-11.75
400 Relay Tinora 52.49
3200 Lauren Sattler 12:27.37

*Rams girls & boys – District Champs
*Lamberson Champions (girls & boys)
*Wayne Trace Invitational Champions (girls & boys)

Brooklyn Reineke & Owen Ackerman

Jaxen Durfey

👟OHSAA Track & Field Finalists:

*8 state qualifiers
Kjerstin Scott 100M, Brandon Edwards 100M, Paul Westrick 2 Mile, Jaxen Durfey Mile, and the below relay teams.
4×800 Boys 
*Lance Rinkel, Jaxen Durfey, Cole Anders, & Paul Westrick
*Riley Cunningham – Alternate
This group broke the school record that was last set back in 1985

4×400 Boys
*Lance Rinkel, Dustin Haas, Brandon Edwards, & Gavin Eckert
Owen Ackerman was a replacement for Dustin

Season pics below: Sarah Harris, Tricia Rinkel, Mrs Wells, Nancy Feddreke, Amber Becker, Rod Brown, Lady Rams softball page.

Thanks coach H!

2021-2022 GMC Awards

The GMC has 17 awards for player/specialist of the year in the varsity sports played.

The Tinora Rams were awarded 10 of the 17 individual awards, as well as bringing back home the ALL Sports Banner for the 2021-2022 school year.

Also listed below are the Scholar-Athletes for the 3 seasons.

What an accomplishment for everyone involved, this is a fantastic honor and showing for Tinora coaches & student-athletes.

List From the GMC Website:

Academic Athletes of the season listed below:

Rams baseball ’22, above and beyond

Don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened.

Eight seniors on The Tinora Rams baseball players took off the forest green jersey for the final time after their District Final loss to Ottawa Hills last Saturday.

Graduating is the eight-member class of Jayden Bergman, Bryce Bailey, Cole Commisso, Nolan Schafer, Tristan Birks, Casen Wolfrum, Keegan Miles, & Tyler Wiemken.

The 2022 season started out with adversity as they learned senior righty Jayden Bergman would be unable to throw from the mound for his senior season.  All Bergman did in the 2021 spring season was show he was ready to be the ace of the staff this season, taking the torch from Andrew Imthurn. 

During the 2021 summer Acme season, Bergman again shined, pitching the Rams to the State Acme Championship game against Defiance.

Although unable to pitch in the spring, Jayden still came through with the bat as a senior.  Hitting over .400 most of the season, Bergman had a great career as a Ram.  From his clutch 2021 season, to the game winner vs Antwerp, to his two hits vs Nolan Schmitz in the PBR Classic, to his homerun vs Fairview this season, Bergman will always be the man you wanted at the plate in crunch time. Jayden was named 2nd Team All-GMC for his efforts at the plate this season.

With the loss of Bergman on the mound, the right arm of fellow senior Casen Wolfrum was set to shine in 2022.  Like Bergman, Wolfrum also had his hand in pitching the Rams to State in the ‘21 Acme season. Wolfrum realized what it took to battle through the summer of ’21, all this came to light in the 2022 season.

Pitching in many high-profile games in 2022, Casen became the #1 arm of the Rams baseball club, the right-arm head coach Brett Renollet would give the ball to many a time when a big game was being played.

Wolfrum proved to be up to each and every challenge coach Renollet put in front of him.  Stepping up with big wins over Fairview, Hicksville, Wayne Trace, in the Sectionals vs Otsego.

In the biggest game the Rams have had in years, Wolfrum was given the ball in the District semifinals. Pitching against the previous season’s state runner-up team, the Archbold Bluestreaks was a task in itself.  Thrown as well was pitching against the two-time player of the year in the NWOAL, as well as all-state pitcher DJ Newman, and could the senior Wolfrum respond?

All Casen did was shutout the ‘Streaks, limiting them to just four hits while picking up the win.  What a fantastic senior season, Casen, Wolfrum finished at 6-0, and an all-time top 5 ERA of .89 

Meanwhile, at the dish, Casen would be one of the more consistent Ram hitters, finishing with a .427 average while driving in 33 runs.

At the plate, and also on the mound, fellow seniors Nolan Schafer and Cole Commisso were set to lead the Rams in 2022.

Nolan Schafer, who seems to have been a Ram at the high school level forever, was set to have a great season at the lead off spot, and as we found out at the midway point, on the hill also.
Schafer would be taking the field for his 12th and final varsity season, what a career for Nolan.
Schafer would have many shining moments during the 2022 season, none brighter than that April 16 Saturday late morning in Napoleon.

What was at the time thought to be a just a start against his two cousins on the Wildcats Trey & Tanner, turned out to be a diamond in the rough.  Schafer kept coming back out, inning after inning, and his first start in three years resulted in a 4-2 Tinora win.  Nolan would get the win, pitching a complete game for the Rams.

This led to another arm BR could lean on when needed. 

Nolan also picked up wins vs Antwerp in a non-league game, his eight-inning win in the Rams come from behind victory at Paulding, and his gem at Ayersville vs the Pilots. Schafer would wind up at 4-1, and a 1.94 ERA.

At the plate, and in the field, Nolan was steady as always.  Finishing with a .354 average while stealing a team-high 16 bases, Nolan will go down as one of the best all-around athletes in Tinora sports history.

Senior second baseman Cole Commisso was set to have one of the best seasons at the plate in the past 20 seasons.

As a pitcher, Cole would finish with a 5-1 record and a 2.77 ERA, in the field Commisso was near flawless.
At the plate, Cole was the hottest hitter in the area a majority of the season.  From his 9 RBI performance vs Edgerton to his 50 RBI season, Cole was always coming through in any situation. 

Cole’s 50 RBI’s would be the most for any Ram in over 20 years, passing Clay Pittman’s 46 RBI’s in 2013.

Cole Commisso also would hit .505 for the season, at one point, close to .550 towards the end of the season, also tying Nolan with 16 stolen bases in the ’22 season.

Commisso had one of the top performances as a Rams hitter ever in 2022, Commisso was named to the GMC first team. Many more postseason awards await Cole in baseball.

The remaining Rams seniors, Bryce Bailey, Tristan Birks, Ty Wiemken, and Keegan Miles all came through for the Rams when called upon in the 2022 season.  All four seemed to play better as the season progressed. 

Miles with a key single & double vs Antwerp, among numerous defensive plays, to Ty’s squeeze bunt at Paulding, with Ty behind the plate, the Rams were always in good hands. Birks going deep vs Jackson Bergman, and Bryce with a gold glove at first, each of you had your hand in the 21 win season in some way.
Bailey’s homerun vs Wauseon last summer in the Acme tournament helped them advance deep in the tourney. Bailey had a fantastic career as a Tinora football player as well, a great two sport athlete.

For the upcoming senior class, Plassman, Ward, Harris, Casteel, Dalton Wolfrum, wondering what to do next season as this class of seniors leave, the book has already been handed down to you as it was handed down to this group of seniors who are departing.

Each senior class from Marcus & Max Grub, Andrew Imthurn, and the seniors before them,  from Big Red Jimenez to Clay Pittman, to all the brothers Renollet & Drewes, the leadership has been there year after year, just follow in their footsteps.

Underclassman, Sophomore Kadyn Radzik made one of the smoother transitions as we’ve seen in a long time taking over for Marcus Grub at shortstop.
Rams center fielder Grady Gustwiller is another underclassman full of potential, as we have seen with his catch vs Ottawa Hills, possibly the best catch we’ve ever seen at the HS level.

Freshman Alec Shaublin also is a name to remember, Shaublin has three more years to add to his impressive start.

This group of young men finished with a 21-6 record, finishing with a fifth straight Green Meadows Conference Championship, and competing for a spot in the Regionals before their loss to Ottawa Hills.

The practices are over, and the bus trips home after big wins are over, this group will never take the field again in a high school baseball game.

But, what does and will remain is a lifetime of memories. Maybe not today, tomorrow, or even next month, but out of the blue, a group text will appear, or a memory will pop up, and you will smile from ear to ear, and for that split second, you will be back at that moment. 

What can be said about this group is nothing short of amazing, one of the toughest bunches ever to put on a Rams baseball uniform.  Maybe not the most talented team in Tinora baseball history, but no one, literally no one, was going to tell this group they couldn’t accomplish something they put their minds to doing.

This 2022 team had the fifth-most wins in BR’s 22 seasons as Rams coach, simply an incredible accomplishment.

It was an honor to cover this team in 2022, please come back and visit over the upcoming seasons.

As I said to a few parents, even though I don’t have any kid on the team, each year it seems like each graduating senior player is a like a family member.

Thanks to all our sponsors, and a special thanks to Logan for all the great help this year.

Another thanks goes to Greg Schafer for a great four years of helping in the press-box. From watching dump trucks move dirt on a Saturday double header years ago, to freezing in all those early April games, to the final out in the Sectional Finals at home, it was always a great time.
Well, except for the game this season when the umpire was on a two-second delay with his calls, LOL. Don’t be a stranger next season!

And finally, thanks to my daughter Emily, who was my runner and BR’s bookkeeper for six seasons, since the 2017 season. Unfortunately, she missed most of this season, but she was always running up lineups and changes from BR and the other coaches prior to first pitch, as well as being the team sunflower seed provider. Ha-ha.

Like the other seniors, she as well is moving on to bigger things next season as she is headed to U of Cincinnati, it will be a rough 2023 season for me.

Team leaders:
*Wins – Casen Wolfrum – 6
*K’s – Casen – 50
*ERA – Casen 0.89

*Average – Cole Commisso .505 (tied for 5th since ’99)
*Home Runs – Cole -5
*Doubles – Cole – 11
*RBI – Cole 50
*Runs scored – Cole 39
*Hits – Cole – 47
*Stolen Bases – Cole & Nolan – 16 each (Both tied for third since 1999)
*Walks – Nolan – 20

Listen back to the games, click below:

Link to the coverage of the 2022 season:

Overall GMC standings ’22

Audio highlights below:

Bergman RBI’s vs Fairview
Bergman’s home run vs Fairview
Schaublin vs Paulding
Ty vs Paulding
Schafer finishes Paulding
Radzik Homerun vs Antwerp
Rams knock out Wenzlik and Raiders
Commisso double vs Wayne Trace
Commisso beats Raiders
Schafer homerun vs Archbold
Grady catch vs Ottawa Hills
Thank you seniors!

Pics courtesy Sarah Harris, Nancy Fedderke, Stacy Bailey, & Mrs. Wells, thank you all!

The 2022 GMC Champions
Thank you boys!!

Rams Track & Field season ends

COLUMBUS: The 2022 track season came to an end today, what a great weekend experience for the eight Tinora Rams State qualifiers.

Although the Rams didn’t bring home any awards, the students athletes gave their best over the last two days at Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium in Columbus.

Everyone made Rams fans proud, you were the best of the best, thank you all so very much!!

What a great season, thank each of you for your efforts, please remember all the great times, the memories will remain forever.

Tinora results below, followed by all results and season highlights.

4×800 Boys *Lance Rinkel, Jaxen Durfey, Cole Anders, & Paul Westrick
*Riley Cunningham – Alternate
This group of gentleman broke the school record that was last set back in 1985 (John Williamson, Brad Meyer, Dan Flores, and Tony Krueger – pics below)

4×400 Boys *Lance Rinkel, Dustin Haas, Brandon Edwards, & Gavin Eckert
Owen Ackerman was a replacement for Dustin.

All results, Day 1 & Day 2, click below:

Season highlights :
*8 state qualifiers (below)
Kjerstin Scott 100M, Brandon Edwards 100M, Paul Westrick 2 Mile, Jaxen Durfey Mile, and the above-mentioned relay teams

*2022 District Champs (girls & boys)
*2022 GMC Champs boys Track & Field
*5th in the Region
*Lamberson Champions (girls & boys)
*Wayne Trace Invitational Champions (girls & boys)

Pics courtesy Trisha Rinkel
OHSAA State pics: