Maumee Bay Turf Center project @ Tinora

Over the past five weeks, I have taken weekly pics and short videos showing the progress of the Maumee Bay Turf Center project at the Tinora High School baseball field.

All is documented below in article.

A special thanks to the Steve Grube family who made this project possible.

Grube Field at Tinora High School, well done by Maumee Bay Turf Center, in Oregon, Ohio.

July 30

Video July 30

August 1 am – pics Mrs. Wells

August 1 pm – pics Mrs. Wells

August 6

Video Aug 6

August 13

August 20

August 20

August 27

Video on August 27

Sept 2

Video from Sept 2

Sept 5

Video Sept 5

Last month’s baseball post:
Over the past month, I have been doing some research and documentation on the (NELL) Northeastern Little League baseball teams and the original locations from the early 80s. All my video and pictures will be below, please have a look at the old venues.

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