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With the Rams boys basketball victory Saturday afternoon, our winter broadcast season came to and end. 

However, with that being stated, from the unknown as we started the Rams football opener at Edgerton, up to the final horn on senior day Saturday afternoon at Tinora, the past 6 months has truly been a rollercoaster ride for everyone involved in HS sports. I would say no one had any idea what each week was to bring from scheduling to broadcasting.  We were very fortunate to be able to bring HS sports into the homes, restaurants, and cars of fans everywhere.  Some states never gave the schools the chance to have sports this school year, we are very fortunate indeed.

Since the football was put on the tee at Edgerton, we have done 47 live broadcasts everywhere from the outside bleachers, to the fantastic new gym at Tinora High School.  Heck, I even did 1 game from my garage during football season.

From Defiance High school, Tinora Elementary, Tinora Middle School, the new gym and everywhere in between, we did the best to bring each event into the lives of those who were unable to attend this season.  Unfortunately technology didn’t cooperate with our live events at times, but each of us gave 110%. It’s more frustrating to us trying to bring it back to you than it is for you the viewer I assure you.

  • 2 Lady Rams Volleyball games
  • 9  Rams football games
  • 20 Lady Rams basketball games
  • 15 Tinora boys’ basketball games
  • 1 neutral basketball game between Bryan and Paulding

Thanks to each person who has tuned in on internet radio or has watched on Facebook Live.  After a while of seeing the same familiar names and comments during the broadcasts, everyone becomes a bit of one big extended family for those few hrs several times a week. Friends & family everywhere from Defiance, to Dayton, to Cincinnati, to Florida, to Vegas and beyond, each of you make this worthwhile.

We had 1923 listeners during this time on radio.

We also had 8,845 viewers on Facebook Live.

I cannot thank all the area athletic directors enough for all there assistance thus far, especially our own Coach Rutter.
I also owe a big thank you to Logan Bailey who assisted with Football, volleyball, & early season basketball camera work.  Logan also wrote a weekly scouting report for us during football season, while also producing a season highlight film, those were fantastic additions.
Once Logan went back to school, Nancy Bannister took over behind the camera doing a great job as well. Thank you Nancy!

Another thanks to Kim Askins for filling in on video and broadcasting the freshman basketball games.

Of course a big thanks to Kelly Tong for live streaming of the boys & girls wrestling matches this season, the coverage by Kelly was beyond outstanding. Thank you Kelly & everything you contributed to the wrestling streaming!

Last but not least, Mrs. Wells & Mr Tipton for doing all they do in supporting the students in all extracurricular activities, and the assistance they offered us during this timeframe. 

Memorable moments during these 6 months:

Even though it was a loss, broadcasting the Rams playoff game from the outside bleachers with the fans vs Columbus Grove was unbelievable.  From the back-and-forth game to the excitement in the stands, this was a great atmosphere and probably my favorite broadcast of the season. We had close to 600 viewers for this game.

From a girls basketball perspective, nothing beats the inaugural game in the new gymnasium vs Hicksville. The sights, the smells, and the sparkle was amazing, it was like walking into a new home.  Also noteworthy was the comeback by the girls in the final 3 mins at Ayersville was also was a top memory from this past year.

From the boys, calling the Max Grube 3 pointer at the buzzer to beat Wayne Trace to complete the amazing comeback was fantastic.

And of course, in off the court excitement, I will never forget after broadcasting the girls district volleyball game at Lake HS, Logan and myself somehow managed to get lost leaving the school, literally walking outside of the school wondering where we were at. It’s still amazing to this day how that happened.

To the sponsors that made all of this possible, I can’t thank each of you enough.  Your generosity has been amazing!
Please support our local sponsors.

Batt & Stevens for bringing us video coverage.

Fired Stone Tavern

BSN Sports

Weber Bookkeeping Solutions

Maumee Valley Title Agency

Weaner, Hill, Yoder, and Weber Law firm

Tinora Rams Athletic Boosters

Bidlack Insurance & Financial Services

Cut & Polished Hair & Nail Salon

Wooden Indian Pawn

Higbea Embroidery

Sines Excavating

The Drop Zone Pizzeria

With all that being said, we still have spring sports to look forward to in softball, baseball, and track.

Again, thanks for all the support in this crazy 2020-‘21 HS sports season.

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