Lady Rams Volleyball coverage Thursday

For those who listened or watched our coverage on Wednesday, you are aware I will not be able to offer coverage this Thursday.

My wife has a Dr apt scheduled out of state, so we will be away for a few days. I do however need some assistance if possible, would Ram fans be willing to donate a small amount into a fund, so we could have a local station cover the game?
(I have contacted them, they are willing, but production fees need to be met)
As of now, no local live coverage will be offered.

Let me know your thoughts, please. Other than sponsorships, I’ve never honestly asked for anything, but these girls deserve some coverage for the fans who are unable to attend.

Thanks again for everything!!

For those willing to donate, I have supplied VENMO and PayPal info below.

If you would like to donate another way, please send me a message.


Venmo info:

Below is all PayPal info:

PayPal, please use friends and family. It will save on your minimal fee.

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