2020 All-GMC Team Volleyball

Congratulations to Tristan Norden & Lexi Watchman on being named 1st team All- GMC & Honorable Mention team – Emma Chaffins

Lexi Wachtman named Specialist of the Year – Amazing job Lexi!


All-GMC Volleyball

First Team

Kiersten Cline (Fairview), Tori Morlock (Tinora), Molly Crall (Hicksville), Anna Ankney (Fairview), Astianna Coppes (Antwerp), Tristen Norden (Tinora)

Player of the Year: Kiersten Cline (Fairview)

Specialist of the Year: Lexi Wachtman (Tinora)

Second Team

Olivia Ricica (Fairview), Kennedey Phillips (Hicksville), Brianna Wickerham (Edgerton), Maci Froelich (Ayersville), Paige Ricica (Fairview), Rachel Stoller (Wayne Trace)

Honorable Mention

Lydia Brewer (Antwerp), Kaylynn Wellman (Ayersville), Sadie Walther (Edgerton), Kelly Crites (Fairview), Avery Slattery (Hicksville), Bria Tijerina (Holgate), Emma Chaffins (Tinora), Gracie Shepherd (Wayne Trace)

Courtesy: The Crescent-News

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