Help support Tinora Volleyball

From the Lady Rams Volleyball Program.

Friends, families, and community members, This fundraising season is one unlike any other.

Due to Covid, our program missed out on concession monies, reverse raffle monies, that equates to $4,500. We are hoping to offset those funds through this fundraiser!

The Tinora volleyball program is asking for your help to raise money to provide opportunities for our program to participate in off-season tournaments that will build skills needed to maintain the competitive nature and championship culture at Tinora.

Additionally, the money will be used for various community activities, team equipment, and other miscellaneous expenses for our program. Each girl has a goal to raise $500. The team appreciates your support in helping the team reach our goal. Thank you so much for your continued support for our program! Go Rams!

CLICK BELOW TO DONATE, anything from $1- unlimited would be appreciated by the girls.

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