Best wishes, Mr. Tipton

As most know, Mr. Tipton’s days as the principal at Tinora High School are coming to an end. Starting with the fall school year, or officially July 1, he will be moving on to, or back to the Tinora Elementary School.

Instead of being a teacher in the elementary, this time around he will become the new Tinora Elementary principal, taking over for the soon-to-be-retired Denise Wright. Mrs. Wright will be retiring after 14 years at Tinora and 31 total years in education. Mr. Tipton was previously a fourth-grade teacher at Tinora Elementary for a decade before becoming the Tinora High School principal in 2017.

Mr. Tipton was always giving of his time when it came to supporting the Tinora Rams athletes. It could be a Tuesday night of bowling at 4:30 pm and Mr. Tipton was there supporting the teams. The Lady Rams basketball team was tipping off later that night in Wauseon at 6 pm, midway through the JV game, guess who would be sitting quietly up in the bleachers? Yes, Mr. Tipton.
Saturday morning, he’s at wrestling, in the afternoon at swimming, in the evening watching boys basketball, the man was everywhere to support the Rams.

It seemed he would literally be at every Rams sporting event, music event, and quiz bowl he could attend. At times, it was almost a “Where’s Waldo?” for me, “I know he’s here somewhere, but where is he?”

As his time as THS principal is near the end, I would like to thank Mr. Tipton for everything he has done for me, the students, the parents, and all the athletes at Tinora during his tenure. At times, you may have just blended in the crowd at whatever event you attended, but you most definitely did not go unnoticed.

Best of luck as you go back to your roots,
Signed – All Rams fans!

Pics courtesy Sarah Harris

Upper right, yep, Mr Tipton

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