2023 Fall sports wrap

We would like to thank our 2023 Fall sports sponsors for all their generosity in sponsoring us in this 2023-’24 school season.
A big thanks to the below, please thank each of them when you visit throughout the year!

We were able to bring you 11 football games and 25 volleyball games because of the below supporters!

👷Sines Excavating – Pre-game (Josh & Brad Sines)
🚗 Batt & Stevens – video coverage (Jeff Batt)
🍕The Drop Zone Pizzeria – In game scoreboard (Liz & Harold Scott)
🎽 Higbea Embroidery – Player of the game award (Connie Higbea)
***Bidlack Insurance & Financial Services – Post-game (Tim Bidlack)
🍔 Fired Stone Tavern (Chef Aaron Weible)
🏈BSN Sports – (Jim Gares, local rep.)
📓 Weber Bookkeeping Solutions (Jenny Weber)
🆔 Maumee Valley Title Agency (Savanna Weber)
👨‍⚖️ Weaner, Hill, Weber, and Stanley Law firm (Ian Weber & crew)
🐏 Tinora Rams Athletic Boosters
💅 Cut & Polished Hair & Nail Salon (Jenny Bidlack)
***Wooden Indian Pawn (Char Williams)
📷 Okolona Tavern (Julie & Brad Wilkerson)
🏋️‍♀️Optimal Performance Fitness – Jake Rubio
💰Postema Insurance & Investments
🏭Mayville Engineering Company (MEC)
🌮Brother Tacos Catering – Joe Sheila Salinas
🧑‍🌾Schlegal Farms – Chris & Becky Schlegal
**Vince Salinas & Michelle Bacon
***Lora Koeppe
🚧Kevin Weber of Weber Materials Lima/St. Marys
🎨Prosperity Painting – Defiance
🪟 Nicely Storage & Rentals
🦌Patriot Outdoors Hunting
🛒Aftershock Carts & Equipment – Chad Shock

**Commercial voiceovers – Michael Hirn & Logan Bailey

If you are interested in a 2023-’24 sponsorship, please drop us a line:
email: tinorasportslive@gmail.com

Look back at the old games:

Don’t miss the live action, subscribe to our YouTube page:

Again, thanks for all the support in this 2023-‘24 fall sports season.
-Keith and the crew of Logan, AJ, Tony, & Michael.

A fantastic job by the above guys, they have taken Tinora Rams Lie to another level over the last year.

Our sponsors:

Higbea Embroidery Player of the Game Award:

Tinora Rams Sports is also available on the below social media formats.

Website: https://tinorarams.com/
Phone App:  https://network1sports.com/station/tinoraramssports
Twitter:   https://twitter.com/TinoraRamsAudio
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tinoraramsathletics/
YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrxJThzImszIjF93o-xLG6w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tinoraramssportslive/

Thanks for your support.

(Not associated with Tinora High School)

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