2021-’22, That’s a wrap for this season

From week one way back on August 20 as the Rams kicked off the 2021 football season vs the Liberty Center Tigers, up to the final out in the Rams District Final game vs Ottawa Hills on May 28, we were able to bring you 96 Live events this school year.

I can’t express enough thanks to all the area athletic directors for all their assistance, everyone from Coach Buti at Defiance, to Tyler Arend at Paulding, to our own Coach Rutter, thank you all.

I also owe a big thank you to the below behind-the-scenes people: There is a lot of work that goes unnoticed to be able to broadcast each event.

**Logan Bailey who assisted with football, early-season basketball, and road baseball games.  Logan also did PA at the Rams home baseball games.
Great work, thank you, Logan. Many great times again this season.
Give Logan a follow on his growing social media sites. https://www.facebook.com/NWOSports

**Nancy Bannister, Nancy assisted behind the camera again this season for a few basketball games.

**Lady Rams softball coach Tony Fairchild for assisting with color commentary on football this season.

**Dr AJ Fairchild for assisting in the 2021-’22 seasons. Everything from football commentary, football graphics, basketball & softball commentary, Dr AJ covered all the bases this season. Thank you AJ!!
Give AJ a follow as well on his business page. https://www.facebook.com/FairchildFamilyChiro

**Michael Hirn for voicing our commercials, nothing but the best, thank you!
I also had the pleasure of working a baseball game with Mike this season, hope to have many more in the future! https://www.facebook.com/MichaelHirnPBP

Of course, none of this was possible without the below sponsors. Every single one of these individuals below made it possible to bring all 90+ live events back to you. I’ve said it over & over, please thank each of these businesses.

Not a single school in the area that I am aware of had over 90 live varsity events for their community, these great people below made sure Rams fans were taken care of again this year.

Our sponsor list is below:

🚧 Sines Excavating – Pre-game (Josh & Brad Sines)

🚗 Batt & Stevens – video coverage (Jeff Batt)

🍕 The Drop Zone Pizzeria – In game scoreboard (Liz & Harold Scott)

👕 Higbea Embroidery – Player of the game award (Connie Higbea)

💲 Bidlack Insurance & Financial Services – Post-game (Tim Bidlack)

🍔 Fired Stone Tavern (Chef Aaron Weible)

🏀 BSN Sports – (Jim Gares, local rep.)

📉 Weber Bookkeeping Solutions (Jenny Weber)

📝 Maumee Valley Title Agency (Savanna Weber)

⚖️ Weaner, Hill, Yoder, and Weber Law firm (Ian Weber & crew)

🥇 Tinora Rams Athletic Boosters (Barb, Jason, Chris, Vicki & Wes, Brian, AJ, Sara, & Crystal)

💄 Cut & Polished Hair & Nail Salon (Jenny Bidlack)

💱 Wooden Indian Pawn (Char Williams)

🦌 Burkholder Taxidermy (Julie & Josh Burkholder)

🍗 Okolona Tavern (Julie & Brad Wilkerson)

🍕 Clubhouse Pizza – Ney (Rachel & Jason Gillium)

If you are interested in a 2022-’23 sponsorship, please drop us a line: tinorasportslive@tinoraramssportsaudio

With all that being said, we will see everyone back live on August 19, 2022, from Liberty Center as the Rams will take on the Tigers in the season opener in football.

Again, thanks for all the support in this 2021-‘22 High School sports season.

-Keith and the crew of Logan, AJ, Tony, & Nancy.

Our sponsors:

Higbea Embroidery Player of the Game Award:

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Thanks for your support.

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