Tinora vs Carey coverage, 11/6

Carey declined our request to cover the game, the below links are how to watch, listen, or do both.

How to watch:

How to listen:

How to watch, but also listen to local coverage:
You can listen to Garett Mansfield & Coach Andrew Mickey on 105.7 FM, and mute the Carey feed if you choose to do so.
(Using this, you may have to pause the YouTube feed for a few secs and sync it up with the radio feed, otherwise it may be off a few secs.)

NOTE: We emailed the Carey athletic department prior to leaving Defiance High School Saturday Night after the win vs Seneca East for a request to cover the game, we were denied several times during the week.
Although highly disappointing, especially covering the team all these seasons, we understand that each site is limited on space, especially at playoff time. Although we’ve done several games from the stands this season, and last season, it just wasn’t meant to be.

Best of luck tonight gentleman, bring back the W. If you are traveling all that distance, make it worthwhile, make memories!!
Keep the Ram train rolling!

Go get ’em! From the crew of Keith, Logan, Coach Tony, and Dr AJ. we all say GO RAMS!!!

Pic from Tinora Football Facebook page:

May be an image of 2 people and people playing football

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