Thursday’s pop-up Trivia

A pop-up Thursday Night Trivia, brought to you by Higbea Embroidery.

The winner will receive a Tinora Rams Live T-Shirt-size XL
All correct answers will be thrown in a bin and a winner selected Wednesday morning.
Answers are accepted up to 11:59 pm Thursday, 9/16/21

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The Tinora vs Wayne Trace rivalry has been heated the past decade.
In what TWO seasons did the teams play both in the regular season, and also in the playoffs?

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Best of luck.

Week #1 winner: Tracy Ondrejko

Week #2 winner: Coach Doug Flory

Week #3 winner: Current Rams QB Nolan Schafer, & former Rams QB Brevin Renollet.

Week #4 winner: Marsha L Meyer

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